Service & Maintanence

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Roller doors and Roller shutters require 6 month servicing. Doors Door Doors can carry out routine servicing on these doors. Below is an example of the servicing that is carried out on roller shutters:

  • Check and tighten gear box fittings
  • Check and tighten bracket fixings
  • Check and adjust transmission chain
  • Check drive sprocket for movement and wear
  • check bearings for wear
  • Check spring tension and small amount of adjustment
  • Check curtain and clips for wear, damage and alignment
  • Check and adjust limit switches
  • Check guides for damage and tighten fixings
  • Lubricate guides
  • Lubricate transmission Chain
  • Report and problems and quote to repair.

Servicing may vary depending on the type of door and it's usage

If you have 1 door or 20, we can arrange the servicing of these doors for a set fee.